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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fourth Orca3D WIP Released

We're pleased to announce the fourth release of Orca3D, a marine design and analysis plug-in for Rhinoceros. Orca3D is developed by a team of naval architects and developers who are experienced in the creation, distribution, and support of marine applications, including plug-ins for the Rhino environment. Complete information, including Release Notes, is available at www.orca3d.com/upload/orca3dnews_08_28_08.htm.

With this release, Orca3D is very close to being ready to officially release. Pricing information for new licenses and upgrades is now available on our website, at www.orca3d.com/order/order.htm. Upgrade pricing is significantly lower than list price, and is available to current users of RhinoMarine V4 and FastYacht/FastShip (proof of eligibility will be required; see the website for details). For the first 30 days after release, the Upgrade price has been lowered even further. After 60 days, the Upgrade price will no longer be available.

Before installing Orca3D, please be sure that you are running Rhino Version 4, Service Release 3; Orca3D will not function with earlier versions of Rhino. Please use the menu above or click here to download the installation file.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions as you use the WIP. We appreciate your interest!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Third WIP of Orca3D now available

We’re pleased to announce the third Work-in-Progress (WIP) release of Orca3D, which incorporates many of the suggestions and comments that we’ve received from users of the first WIP. Thank you to all of those who have been providing feedback.

The second WIP expires on July 1st, so it will no longer load. Please download and install the third WIP, which will expire on September 1st. If the commercial release is not ready before then, a fourth WIP will be posted.

For a description of the changes in this WIP, please visit http://www.orca3d.com/upload/orca3dnews_06_30_08.htm.

To download the latest WIP, visit www.orca3d.com, and click on the Download menu.

As always, we look forward to your comments!