Orca3D News

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orca3D WIP 4.1 Now Available

We have posted an update to WIP 4 that remedies some issues that have been reported by users. Specifically:

  • Units: Fixed several issues related to units used in hydrostatics and speed/power calculations.
  • Orientation: Fixed a bug in model orientation settings which occurred when reading in files saved in earlier WIP releases. This could potentially lead to nonsensical results in both hydrostatics and resistance calculations.
  • Formatting: Modified the number format used in the section area and section girth hydrostatics output.
This is an important update, and we recommend that all users download and install this release. The complete Release Notes with the details of the improvements in WIP4.1 can be found at http://www.orca3d.com/support/manual/index.html?orca_release_notes.htm.

Thank you to those who have given us feedback and comments. They are helpful and welcome!