Orca3D News

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Orca3D has been released!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." And, a journey of a thousand lines of code begins with a single line, which is exactly what happened 18 months ago when the development of the Orca3D marine design software began.

Developed entirely from scratch as a plug-in to the popular Rhinoceros 3D modeling program, Orca3D includes many powerful and innovative features for naval architects, whether they are designing ships, yachts, or other floating structures.

The release of Orca3D began with the first Work-in-Progress (WIP) release on February 29th. After four more WIP's, downloads by over 1000 users worldwide, lots of feedback from users, and addition of new features, Orca3D 1.0 is ready for commercial release. But this doesn't mean that it's finished. Development of the software is on-going, and the naval architects who developed Orca3D have plenty of plans for future releases. Many ideas for new features and improvements will come from the user community.

This release includes functionality for Weight & Cost Tracking, adds the Holtrop resistance prediction method for displacement hulls, and has a number of minor fixes and improvements.

Information on pricing and purchasing Orca3D is available at www.orca3d.com/order/order.htm. During the month of October, we are offering deeply discounted competitive upgrade prices for users of RhinoMarine and FastShip/FastYacht. Note that the upgrade price will increase on November 1st, and will no longer be available after November 30th. Details can be found on the order page. You will also find information on resellers; if there is a reseller in your area, we encourage you to purchase through them.

Orca3D is available for download at http://www.orca3d.com/, and you may try it free for 15 days as a fully functional evaluation version. Note: If you used WIP3, your evaluation period has now expired. If you would like to extend your evaluation period in order to try this release, follow these steps:

1. Install this release of Orca3D
2. Start Rhino; you will see a message stating that Orca3D does not have a valid license, and asking if you'd like to activate or extend your evaluation. Click Yes.
3. The Orca3D License Manager utility will appear (it may be behind Rhino on your desktop). Select "Phone/Email License".
4. Send the Installation ID to support@orca3d.com, with a note requesting an extension of your evaluation period. We will email the Unlocking Key to you. In the meantime, you may continue to use Rhino.

If you have questions about purchasing or evaluating Orca3D, please contact us at sales@orca3d.com. If you have questions about the capabilities or use of the software, please write to support@orca3d.com.

We especially want to thank those who have downloaded and evaluated Orca3D. Many of you have provided invaluable feedback, and we hope that process will continue!

I hope we’ll be able to see you at IBEX (booth 1214/1216) in Miami Beach next week, or in Amsterdam at METS (booth # 04.408, Oost Hall / Hall 4) in November.

Orca3D to be demonstrated at METS in Amsterdam

Orca3D will be demonstrated at the METS tradeshow in Amsterdam, November 18-20. We will be in booth # 04.408 (Oost Hall / Hall 4), together with Design Systems & Technologies, Robert McNeel and Associates (the developer of Rhino), and HydroComp, Inc. Please plan to visit and see the latest software. As always, we enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones!