Orca3D News

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Orca3D Offset Table Now Available as a Separate, Free Plug-in

The offset table function in Orca3D was developed as a separate plug-in, and it required that Orca3D be installed in order to run properly. Now it is capable of running entirely without Orca3D, and is available as a free download. If you own Orca3D, you do not need to download the plug-in; it's already installed on your system.

If you don't own Orca3D, but would like to be able to create offset tables that open in Excel, download the Orca3DOffsetTable.rhp plug-in. Start Rhino, then drag and drop the rhp file onto the Rhino window to load it (or user pluginmanager). Type the command OrcaOffsetTable, and follow the prompts. Note that in the absence of Orca3D, it assumes that X is the longitudinal direction, Y is transverse, and Z is vertical. Curves that lie in a constant X plane are treated as stations, those in a constant Y plane are buttocks, and waterlines lie in constant Z plane.