Orca3D News

Monday, May 17, 2010

Creating an Orca3D Template

Many users like to start a new design with a known set of default values. Creating a new Rhino template will save the Orca3D data found in the Orca3D Properties dialog. This data includes: 
  • Project Name
  • Company Name
  • Logo File
  • Current Orca3D Units
  • Model Orientation
  • View Settings
  • Fluid Type
  • Equilibrium Thresholds
  • Mesh Settings

Since this is a Rhino Template, the Rhino length units can also be set to a default value.
To save an Orca3D Template, set the Orca3D data and Rhino length units to the desired values. The Notes field can also be populated with a description of the Template or other miscellaneous notes. Next, choose File > Save As Template… from the Rhino menu or type the command SaveAsTemplate. The Save Template File dialog will open, allowing the new template file to be named and its save location selected. If the Orca3D Template is saved with the Rhino templates, this template will now be available in the list of templates when Rhino starts up or a new file is created.