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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Foreshortening the view to help with fairing

When fairing a control net, it's sometimes helpful to "compress" the hull in the longitudinal axis, to exaggerate the curvature. This is especially important on hulls with high length-to-beam and length-to-depth ratios. One way to do this is to actually scale the model in the longitudinal dimension by some factor less than 1 (for example, 0.25 or 0.5). If you do this, you'll need to re-define the station locations.

Rhino has a different way to do it that only scales the view, and not the actual model. However, the scales that are specified are the horizontal and vertical scales (the Perspective view is not affected). If you adjust the horizontal scale, the length in the Planview and Profile (or Top and Front) will be foreshortened. In the Bodyplan (or Right) view, the beam will foreshortened. While not ideal, this can still be very helpful in the other views.

To do this, open the Rhino Properties dialog (File/Properties). Go to Rhino Options/Appearance/Advanced Settings/Wireframe/Other Settings. In the right side of the dialog, you can enter a Horizontal Scale. (If you want to apply it to something other than Wireframe, such as Shaded, select that instead.)