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Friday, June 4, 2010

Automating Hull Assistants to Create and Analyze a Parametric Series of Hulls

Many of Orca3D’s commands can be scripted, and therefore automated either through RhinoScript or by external programs such as Excel®. We’ve developed an example of automating a Hull Assistant using Visual Basic in Excel. A table of Ship Hull Assistant input parameters for a range of hulls is created by the user in Excel; the Visual Basic macro starts Rhino, then reads the data for each hull, creates the hull using the Hull Assistant, and computes a righting arm curve. Finally, the righting arm curves for all the hulls are plotted together for comparison.

You may download the macro by clicking here. The macro will start Rhino, and it assumes that your units are meters and kilograms. Note that if Rhino doesn't start fast enough, the macro will report an error. If this happens, usually just running the macro again will solve the problem.

If you make changes and improvements to the macro, why not describe them and post your version on the Orca3D Forum so others can learn from your experience?