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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Will Orca3D be available on a Mac?

We get many questions about running Orca3D on a Mac using VMware or Parallels, and whether there will be a Mac version of Orca3D released. This post should help to answer these questions.

Orca3D will not run on any configuration of VMware, as it has the potential to strip out the software protection. However, we do have several customers who are able to run Orca3D on a Mac using VirtualBox from Sun Microsystems. Please see this forum post for more information.

We have heard from some of our customes that they've had success with Orca3D running on Parallels, but we have not done any testing of this configuration.

As many of you know, Robert McNeel & Associates has been working on a Mac version of Rhino. However, to our knowledge they have not yet begun work on the SDK that is required for third party developers like ourselves to create plug-ins. So at this point, we are waiting for news on the SDK, and trying to assess the market for a Mac version of Orca3D. We’ll then weigh that against the investment required to both port Orca3D and provide on-going support and development, before making a final decision.