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Thursday, May 31, 2012

See what others are saying about Orca3D

Interested in reading what users of Orca3D have to say about the software and the technical support behind it? Users post reviews in the plug-in section of the Rhino website, and we have re-posted the reviews on our site as well. These reviews are from a wide range of experienced professionals, and we're grateful to them for taking the time to give their opinions!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New WIP Release (1.3 WIP 2012-05-15)

We're pleased to announce the release of a new Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Orca3D. This new version (1.3 WIP 2012-05-15) adds back in the Stability Criteria Evaluation that was removed from the 1.2.3 Release, and includes the beginning of a Longitudinal Strength analysis capability. A few minor bugs were also corrected.

The new command, OrcaLongitudinalStrength, continued to be developed. It has been created to facilitate a simple beam bending model by computing shear force/bending moment using the existing Orca3D buoyancy and weight computation capabilities. This new command should be considered as “under development” and currently has limited functionality. We plan to continue its development through future Orca3D WIP releases. As with all Orca3D WIP releases, your feedback on the Stability Criteria Evaluation and Longitudinal Strength analysis is welcome.

A new command to import FastShip files has been added. Both .pex and .srf files are supported. When using Rhino's open, insert, or import commands, you can select either file type in the file type filter. Surface trimming information is not currently imported.

Also, we modified the hydrostatics CSV output to include a separate condition number and condition name where the number is used as reference in the section and righting arm output. The default condition names are now "Condition x" instead of "Load Case x."

As a WIP, there will certainly be feature additions, changes, or removals before the final release, but this is your chance to give us feedback and suggestions. A few important notes to be aware of:
  • Only one version of Orca3D may be installed at a time. Therefore, you must uninstall Orca3D from your computer before installing this WIP.
  • No change to your License is required. The new version of Orca3D will find your existing License.
  • Portions of the Help file may not be entirely up to date.
  • This WIP will expire on July 1st. Either the final version of Orca3D 1.3 will be released before then, or a new WIP will be released.
If you have questions as you install and use the new release, remember that you can: 
  • send an email to support@orca3d.com 
  • read through the Help file which is available from the Orca3D menu in Rhino, and on our web site here
  • post a question on the Orca3D forum
To download the new version, please visit www.orca3d.com/wip.

Thank you very much for using Orca3D, and we look forward to hearing from you!