Orca3D News

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Orca3D Training to be offered in Antibes, France

An Orca3D basic/intermediate training course will be held in Antibes (France), May 20-21, 2014. 

NDAR / Design Systems & Technologies™ is the master reseller for Orca3D in Europe, and will present the 2-day Orca3D training for beginner and intermediate users.

The course will cover:
  • Hull assistants
  • Foundations of modelling and fairing techniques
  • Hydrostatic calculations
  • Real-time hydrostatics
  • Lines plan creation
  • Stability with criteria verification
  • Managing heeling moments
  • Longitudinal strength
  • Speed/ power prediction
  • Weight and cost tracking
  • If time allows, topics suggested by participants towards the end of Day 2

Instructor: Stéphane Dardel, NA.
Language: English (French and Italian will be also supported)

Cost: 595€ / day, lunch will be provided

Requirements: Own laptop with Rhino 5 SR8 or higher and Orca3D latest Release (v1.3) or WIP. If needed, we can arrange a Rhino and/or an Orca3D license for the duration of the course, free of charge. Please contact ndar@ndar.com at least 5 days before the class starts.

More info and registration: ndar@ndar.com