Orca3D News

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Checking Out a Network License

If you have two or more Orca3D Network licenses, you are able to "check out" a license so that a computer can use the license when it's out of the network (e.g., taking a laptop on travel). Note that there must always be at least one license left on the server, so you need to have two or more licenses to do this.

To check out a license, first run the “net NLS checkout” utility on the client computer to generate an Authorization Request Number.
Next, run the "netNLS Manager Utility" on the computer that acts as your Orca3D license server. Enter the Authorization Request Number that you generated in the first step, along with a specified length of time in days to generate an Approval Number. Back on the client, you enter the Authorization Approval Number and click “Check Out License.” The license (actually a license seat) is checked out to your machine for the period of time you specified during authorization.
When you are ready to return the license seat, use the "net NLS checkout" utility on the client and click “Return License Seat.” If the number of days originally specified has passed the license seat is automatically returned to the server.
See the Orca3D Help file for more information, or contact us with questions.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Managing Network Licenses

When using Orca3D's network licensing system, it's useful to be able to check how many licenses are currently in use. Also, licenses can become "orphaned" in some instances, and it's important to be able to recover them.

The best way to check for the current number of licenses in use is to run the Orca3D Network License Manager (“netNLS Manager.exe”) on the server. After starting the license manager go to the “Authorize Transfer” tab as shown below. This should show the seats in use.
Generally, if you have Orca3D seats in use but no copies of Rhino running, there is an “orphaned” Orca license somewhere. This can happen in a few different ways. One of the most common is if a user had an Orca license seat and Rhino crashes. The system is set up so  that when that user starts Rhino again and Orca is loaded it will re-use the same Orca seat. Then if they close Rhino normally the seat will be returned. However, until this user does that the seat will not be returned. Other causes we have seen is using tools like Deep Freeze, a system restore/imaging product. If the user has an Orca seat in use and resets the image without releasing the seat it will become orphaned.
The good news is that if a seat is orphaned and cannot be returned for some reason the “seats in use” can be easily reset to zero by restarting the licensing service. To do so, go to the license server and open the list of running services. You should see a service called “Nalpeiron Control Service” as shown in the second image below. Just restart that service, which should reset the seat count. Of course, before doing so make sure no one is actively using Orca or they will lose their license.