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Friday, May 29, 2015

Surface Zebra Mapping

Rhino’s Zebra surface mapping is useful when working on an assembly of surfaces, by allowing you to visually evaluate the continuity between 2 adjacent surfaces. By interpretating the stripes, you may judge the quality of the surface continuity:

If the stripes have kinks or jump sideways as they cross the connection from one surface to the next, the surfaces touch, but have a kink or crease at the point where the zebra stripes jag. This indicates G0 (position only) continuity between the surfaces. 
If the stripes line up as they cross the connection but turn sharply at the connection, the position and tangency between the surfaces match. This indicates G1 (position + tangency) continuity between the surfaces.
If the stripes match and continue smoothly over the connection, this means that the position, tangency, and curvature between the surfaces match. This matching indicates G2 (position + tangency + curvature) continuity between the surfaces.